Guixot de 8

Sunday, 17th June · 4-7 pm · El Peixet Space
Guixot de 8 · Gargot de bicicletes
Interactive installation

The first Catalan company - and possibly in the world - to turn the game into a street show. They do it with games invented by themselves, built using recycled materials, since 1991 when recycling was only a pipedream, one which only made sense in northern countries. Over 27 years they have spent 6,500 mornings or evenings in streets, squares, playgrounds and parks of more than 1,300 towns in almost 40 countries, spread across five continents. With the Gargot de bicicletes we play with all the parts of the bike, and when not doing so, an old bicycle becomes the prop for various games.


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