Guillem Albà i La Marabunta

Saturday, 16th June · 8 pm · El Cavallet de Mar Space
Guillem Albà and The Marabunta · Marabunta

A lively and energetic clown show, driven along by the best live music. Chaos with class. A sketch with a perfect rhythm. On stage, the artists struggle because nothing is understood and, not wanting to mess up, they end up losing their trousers. But with a smile on their faces. With their own songs, absurd gags and cabaret, nothing makes sense and everything is possible when there’s no established order. It's the chaos of the clown. Improvisation: go out and play. Having fun is what happens, and who knows what will happen today. And tomorrow. And the day after. This is the jungle. Do you want to laugh? You are invited. Come over. What do you want? Get yourself a place and forget about everything. The total show.


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