Cia. La Bleda

Saturday, 16th June · 5 pm · El Cavallet de Mar Space
Cia. La Bleda · A peculiar market stall
Children's clown

It has never been so much fun to go to market! Especially if the lady in charge of the stall is MasoBleda. Using her key, she will open up a very special world: where the courgettes will sing us a song, you’ll discover the most famous pea and the magic bean... Amid a party of lettuces you will find the garlic above who won’t leave you alone, the onion is staging a drama, but the shy tomato will not come out. Out of all this, a recipe will be made from songs, laughter and riddles. Oh! and watch out that the despicable worm doesn’t eat the fruit and vegetables of this very unique market stall.

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