Cia. Anna Roca

Saturday, 16th June · 5-8 pm · El Peixet Space
Cia. Anna Roca · El secret de la Nanna (The secret of Nanna)
Installation-show (children from 2 years old)

When a child opens a storybook... their face lights up, they cannot contain the excitement, the surprise, nor the desire to touch, to observe, to grasp it... And if, when they open it up, the decorations unfold, the desire to play is even more intense! Can you imagine a story that unfolds from a lorry? Nanna and her companion are two imaginauts who cross the world to explain a secret. They park in the squares in order to share what they carry in the back of the lorry. Everyone who wants to, can enter and discover the world's largest storybook.

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